Subject Re: [IBO] Database Login Detail
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:55 AM 24/10/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>Our Delphi application uses one login name (e.g.: SYSDBA) and password
>to the Database connection, but this would not tell us who/which
>computer is running the application when there is more than one session.
>Is there a property in IBObject that allows us to keep track

>the logged in computer name

No. It's not supported by the database engine.

>or user name

Yes, but if everyone logs in as SYSDBA, this isn't any use to you. The
database engine doesn't know about OS usernames.

>or otherwise provides distinguishing information we may use thus.

You could set up your own database-level login log and store whatever you like.

You could look into IBO's "two-layer" login to help with this. This allows
you to prepend a prefix to the user name and role at the client. If you
decided to do (1) you could assign each user a "signature" prefix that you
would write to your log table at each login. See the IB_Connection
properties LoginUsername, LoginUsernamePrefix, LoginSQLRole and
LoginSQLRolePrefix. Use the AfterConnect even to do this logging and make
*certain* that you hard-commit immediately after inserting to the table.