Subject Re: [IBO] 2 details in the sabe grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:46 AM 13/10/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>I'd like to know if it's possible to do the following in IBO, using
>MasterLinks something else,
>or if I need to do it my self with SQL:
>It is a master -> 2 details problem. The problem is that I need to
>show the details results in 1 ib_grid only.

Not possible. Period. One ib-grid instance can have only one dataset
hanging off it at any one moment.

However, it *is* possible to use the same grid instance to display two
separate datasets - just not at the same time.

>The detail tables
>structures are the same, by the way, it's only 1 detail table with 2
>different where clause.
>Tables Structures:
>Master (customers and bondsman);
>rec_id (pk)
> ...
>Detail 1(sales by customer)
>rec_id (pk)
>Detail 2(sales with a bondsman)
>The customers, could be a bondsman too. So, I need to show in only 1
>grid: sales by customer selected in master table + sales that the same
>customer is a bondsman.
>Today I have two queries, and two grids to show the info. 1 query
>masterlinks to customer_id and the other it points to bondsman_id.
>The question is, how can I do that?

Reply to this, indicating whether switching between one detail dataset and
the other would fit into your vision. This can certainly be done and is a
perfectly valid design model.

If the user needs to see both detail datasets simultaneously, then your
two-grid design is the only one. You can organise the positions and
scrolling of the grids so that everything is synchronised.

>Hope I was clear, my english is not very good.
>W2K + D4 + FB 1.5.2 + IBO 4.3

The description was fine. If only more people were so careful with their
problem descriptions/design intentions.