Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Transaction.Close
Author Alan McDonald
> > Actually, the help doesn't say what you said it says. It says it's
> > *typically* used under those conditions - indeed, it's in the
> > ib_transaction's destructor.
> Helen,
> I said it said "only"
> you say it says "typically"
> it actually says "typically only".
> I take "only" here to take precedence over "typically"
> leave "only" out if you intend "Close" to be used in other
> typical settings.
> Alan

but it appears that the only sure fire way to return false to
is by "Close"ing the IB_Transaction as well as the queries attached to it.
Now if I "Commit" without exception, then "Close". It appears that I have
successfully closed all connected queries and I reliably return False to
IB_Transaction.Started. Therefore no need to loop thru the connected
queries, BUT the queries aren't returning false to active!

Is there anything else I shouldn't be assuming here?