Subject Posting a second record to a Dataset linked to a TIB_Grid
Author Roberto Freitas
I commented this part of code:
with IB_QueryConta.FieldsReadOnly do
and as you said the program finally works!
Helen, I didn't omit important details from the problem description
voluntary. There is much code involved, it's necessary to resume it.
If I knew previously what is or what is not important, certainly I
would know the solution! This is the price we have to pay when start
using a new tool!
By the way, what's the CODE for declaring those fields as NOEDIT? (I
already know how to do it with Edit Component Field Properties, I
want to know with code)
And after declaring them as NOEDIT, what's the CODE for "undeclaring"
I thank you all!

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 11:35 AM 9/10/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >No, I have not NOEDIT checked for any field; although, I have
> >READONLY checked for some of them (those I don't want to be edited
> >the user on grid, they are changed by code).
> Here is no doubt the cause of your original problem, after all.
> means that the field cannot be altered by the application at all -
> doesn't just stop the user!!
> If the user can't see it anyway, you don't need to do anything to
it. If
> you are showing it to the user but don't want to allow the user to
edit it,
> then use NOEDIT.
> >This question is up for a long time, with no solution. Indead, it's
> >quite hard to find out the problem without seeing the entire code.
> >This way, we'll probably never find out the solution.
> >So, I will try to "shrink" code, starting from a very simple code
> >that works, and then gradually growing it until a point it doesn't
> >work anymore, maybe this way I will be able to figure out what the
> >problem is. I will try this way, unless some of you has another
> >suggestion, OK?
> The comment to make on this is that something seems hard, then
> somethiing you're missing. And there was....
> For future reference, don't omit important details from your
> description. You might not think that setting a field READONLY is
> to a problem where an assignment appears to fail. It happens that
it is....
> Helen