Subject RE: [IBO] lock conflict on no wait transaction
Author Alan McDonald
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544345
> lock conflict on no wait transaction
> deadlock
> update conflicts with concurrent update
> TIB_Statement: "dmHost_2.DSModule.tblWebUser.<TIBOInternalDataset>.<T
> IB_UpdateSQL>.<TIB_Statement>."
> What triggers this error? I did not do any concurrent updates, in
> fact, I have a critical section that ensures all the threads that
> perform updates are serialized.
> My transaction component is set to autocommit = false, but I call
> Commit explicitly every time after an update is posted.
> The weird part is, I have 4 threads running, all doing the same
> thing but updating different records in the same table (again, they
> are serialized when they perform updates) and only one thread
> faulted with this error, the rest continued without any problems.
> Is this a firebird bug, or an IBObject bug?
> Thanks in advance,
> Zach

or Zachbug?