Subject Re:[IBO] IBOQuery - any way to get calculated fields here as well?
Author G. Nau
thanks for your quick and helpful contribution. I'm very pleased about
the high quality and fast support offered on thist list. Thanks to all
people active here.

indeed a stored proc or derived field is also a solution, but not in my
case, as it's a larger case-of construct with additional tests on other
fieldvalues. And the logic is already implemented on the client side in
delphi as a function and used in several places within my app.

@Helen, @Kevin
Bingo! That good-old BDE fields was something I hadn't considered.
Of course, that's the solution and it's working quite well.


Am 5 Oct 2005 um 12:06 hat Helen Borrie geschrieben:

> No, you're not right. TIBOQuery is a TDataset descendant so you just
> create calc fields for it the same as you do with TQuery. If you don't
> know how to do that, look up the Delphi VCL help. (The same rule applies
> to all class members inherited from the VCL components, that are not
> overridden. This is Delphi!!)
> As Hans has pointed out, if these are not complex calculations, it is far
> simpler (and uses fewer resources) if you retrieve the calculated values as
> derived fields, also sometimes called "expression fields".

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