Subject Re: [IBO] What's the correct way to trigger an IB_query reprepare and refresh?
Author Lester Caine
G. Nau wrote:

> Doing a; ib_query.prepare and
> again is working. I'd like to speed things up a little bit and avoid this query
> activation triggering.

But you have changed the 'content' of the query SQL, so you HAVE to
're-open' the query. Prepare will only speed things up if you are THEN
using parameters to change the way the query works.

> The PrepareSQL event is triggered on the refresh click.
> Maybe I'm missing something here in my onprepareSQL event and it's not
> directly related to the way to do a re-prepare?

Having changed the SQL, you need your refresh action to be close\reopen.
But actually I would Close the query before applying the new SQL.

At least that is MY understanding ;)

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