Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery 4.5Ah parameter bug?
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:09 PM 26/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>I just tried 4.5Ah with my application. It appears as though there
>is a bug with parameters or a change in functionality.
>All my TIBOQuery objects that use parameters from a datasource do
>not work in bringing up the selected data. All worked under 4.2Id.
>I use Infopower datasources but I don't think it makes a
>difference. Anyone else having problems with this?
>Example SQL:
>WHERE C_CODE = :c_code AND C_RTYPE = 'T' AND C_RAMT_3 <> 0
> , C_RNBR
>c_code is the parameter (input param) from the Datasource wwC_MASTER.
>Any ideas would be appreciated.

Well, between that rather old version of IBO and now, there have been
changes. From the 4.3A releasenotes:
I made quite a number of improvements to the TParams handling for those
using the TDataset based datasets. I made it so IBO would be more flexible
about whether they are named just right or not. I also have better
integration of input, inputoutput and output parameter types. The output
parameters now get their datatype set correctly at prepare time.

I fixed the TIBODataset.ParamCount property. It was returning the number of
input parameters from the underlying internal IB_Query rather than the
actual count of TParam objects associated to the dataset and accessed via
the ParamByName() method. This would have caused a potential inconsistency
between the internal and external param count.
So it's on the cards that something might have affected the interaction
between TIBODataset and InfoPower's datasource.

As for a solution, you could first try deleting the all of the dcu files of
your project and doing a Build All. If that doesn't solve it, make a small
sample project from scratch, to see whether you can get a well-behaving
executable at all with this combination. If not, zip it up and send it to
Jason as a testcase.

It would also be worthwhile upgrading to 4.5Ai, too, in case there's some
bug fix there that Jason didn't document.