Subject Re: [IBO] New ibo version ( installation
Author rihoe
I tried to install this new setup in BCB5. I removed all the old
files, uninstalled the components from "Install packages" menu.
Installation went through without errors, but when I tried to open
BCB afterward I got lot's of errors about missing BPL files.

Seems that Jason decided to copy all the files into \Bin folder?!
Normaly the BPL files go to Projects\BPL and LIB and BPI files goto
Projects\LIB folder.

Also I (and Builder) couldn't find any design-time packages anywere,
so my Components toolbar was empty - no IBO anywere.

Seems that this installer needs lots of more working on it. I can
bring an excellent example of Theme Manager component installer that
I used just other day - it copies files, compiles automatically all
packages and installs itself into toolba - very neat.