Subject Re: [IBO] port for event registering
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> I've got o problem registering events with IBObjects, I hope you can help
> me..
> My client software is connecting from outside, throught the firewall. I've
> opened
> the 3050 port for the connection, but when my client program is registering
> an event it gets the error:
> "ISC ERROR CODE:335544721
> Unable to complete network request to host "myhost".
> Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing.
> unknown Win32 error 10060"
> I consulted the firewall logs, and opened the port that it tried to connect
> to for event registering, but next time it was another port. I tried and
> tried, after a while tought it was a random port from 34700 to 34800, then
> to 34900. I opened them all, but no results, now it's connecting through
> other ports (ex. 34921). Could anyone help me, how could I redirect these
> connections to a single port, or some other solution, or at least a
> description what determines the port no. and in what range? We need
> security, can't give up on the firewall. With every unsuccessful connection
> the server Firebird 'dies' (remains 'hanged' somewhere), so it has to be
> killed and restarted, so can't even let it to chance, if it gets an opened
> port or not...
> I am using Firebird SuperServer 1.5 with Red-Hat, I've got firewall too. I
> am developing the client application in Delphi 7 using IBObjects
> 4.3.Aa, evaluation version, event registering done by TIB_Events.

Check out the Firebird 1.5 "RemoteAuxPort" parameter in firebird.conf.

Don't forget to restart the Firebird server after changing something in

Best Regards,
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