Subject Re: [IBO] "News" access to postings back to 2000?
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:43 PM 20/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>Dear Helen,
>The concern seems to reside in the IBObjects news server rather than
>in the news reader.

It's not "the IBObjects news server". The list iis a Yahoo group - a
listserv forum, not a newsgroup. The newsgroup at Atkin provides a mirror
of the Yahoogroups lists, not just for this list but for most of the
Firebird lists.

I hadn't heard that anyone had been deleting the mirrored archives. If
they really are gone, then an accident has happened.

But even if some of that history is gone, the messages right back to day
one are still at the Yahoogroups site, by clicking Messages in the
side menu. As I already mentioned, there is no threading, but you can use
keywords to filter the messages.

A lot of people have the full archive on disk. Kenneth Lundblad
<kenneth.g.lundblad@...> offered to send you the archive:

I have saving all messages since May 1999 in outlook so I can export this to
a file and send you if you.
What format do you prefer (.pst, access, excel ....)


That means Kenneth has the messages also from the old list server, because
we didn't switch over to egroups (--->yahoogroups) until late in 2000.