Subject RE: [IBO]: Position on last record on TIBOTable without fetching all records
Author Vahan Yoghoudjian
Hi Jason, what we really want to do is the following:

An account has a few 100,000 transactions.
Of course it is not conceivable to show them all at once.

To show those transactions, we would like to implement the following
A form is opened, which contains a grid.
This grid shows the transactions of the said account, starting from the
latest transactions, ie the latest transaction for that account is near the
bottom of the grid.
The cursor bar is on the latest transaction.
The user may click on the up arrow, and reach the topmost line on his grid.
If he clicks on the up arrow again, the grid shows more of the former
Of course, if the user is stubborn enough to keep clicking on the up arrow
all day, he will eventually go through the 100,000 transactions, but this is
unlikely to happen.
Now how much the user will peek backwards at the account history cannot be
told in advance, and remains his choice.

How could this interface be implemented, using a TIBOTable or is there
another component that would do this job ?

Note that TIBOTable would work perfectly for us if we wanted to position on
the first record when we open the table and let the user scroll down as he
wished, but we want to position on the last record and let the user scroll
up, is that possible without fetching all the records at once?

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Don't be too quick to count TIBOTable out of the picture. It has some very
nice functionality built into it that the BDE stopped short of fully
completing. It sounds to me like TIBOTable is just the ticket for what this
person needs. It internally does all the stuff you would normally have to
do yourself manually with TIBOQuery. If you have the proper indexes defined
for ascending and descending order, TIBOTable can be a very nice component
to understand and use appropriately.

Jason Wharton

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> > Hi Group
> >
> > I have a TIBOTable connected to a 300,000 records
> table, when I activate
> >the table the first set of records is fetched into my grid,
> when I scroll
> >down more and more records are fetched, so far so good I
> have no problem at
> >all, but my aim is to do the same starting from end of
> table. When I open my
> >table I want the last set of records to be fetched and as I
> scroll up prior
> >records to be fetched, is there any way to do this?
> Yes. Throw the TIBOTable out of the window and use a TIBOQuery or
> TIB_Query. Then you can get the benefit of what SQL is all
> about - ask for
> a descending ordered set (ORDER BY) and restrict the rows
> using a WHERE
> clause (since most humans could not read 300,000 rows in a day!!)
> Table components are for spreadsheet-style applications on
> desktops, not
> for client/server systems. You can't do much with them at
> all, except
> block up your network.
> > I'm using Delphi 6, IBO 4.0 (should I download the 4.5
> version?) and
> >Interbase 7.1
> IBO 4.0 was a beta series from the first half of 2001! So, yes, I'd
> suggest it's a good idea to come up with the times. :-)
> Helen

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