Subject Re: [IBO] Store an Restore a file from a BLOB field
Author skander_sp
Sorry Dmitry,

but even this way NO ONE (zero) bytes was writen in the file, when
REALLY some is stored in the field...

It looks like the BLOB still not in memory, and was none to write in
the stream.

I know blob fields are not retrieved until necesary (not recovered at
fetch the rest of row), how I can FORCE to load into memory? Im sure
THEN I can do AssignTo sucesfully.

--- In, "Dmitry Beloshistov" <torin@s...> wrote:
> Hello, skander_sp!
> You wrote to <> on Wed, 19 Jan 2005
11:51:06 -0000:
> ss> I now have used Assign() and AssignTo() methods to put and get from
> ss> a file...
> TIB_ColumnBlob(FieldByName('MYBLOBFIELD')).AssignTo(MyStream); //
blob ->
> stream
> TIB_ColumnBlob(FieldByName('MYBLOBFIELD')).Assign(MyStream); //
> stream -> blob
> WBR,Dmitry Beloshistov AKA [-=BDS=-]