Subject Re: [IBO]
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:49 AM 19/01/2005 +0200, you wrote:

> Hi Group
> I have a TIBOTable connected to a 300,000 records table, when I activate
>the table the first set of records is fetched into my grid, when I scroll
>down more and more records are fetched, so far so good I have no problem at
>all, but my aim is to do the same starting from end of table. When I open my
>table I want the last set of records to be fetched and as I scroll up prior
>records to be fetched, is there any way to do this?

Yes. Throw the TIBOTable out of the window and use a TIBOQuery or
TIB_Query. Then you can get the benefit of what SQL is all about - ask for
a descending ordered set (ORDER BY) and restrict the rows using a WHERE
clause (since most humans could not read 300,000 rows in a day!!)

Table components are for spreadsheet-style applications on desktops, not
for client/server systems. You can't do much with them at all, except
block up your network.

> I'm using Delphi 6, IBO 4.0 (should I download the 4.5 version?) and
>Interbase 7.1

IBO 4.0 was a beta series from the first half of 2001! So, yes, I'd
suggest it's a good idea to come up with the times. :-)