Subject Re: [IBO] DisableControls with master-detail issue
Author Marco Menardi
Didable controls doesn't work as in VCL. In fact, as you have found,
it disables the master/detail relation also.
If you just want to disable the "visual components" stuff, you must
use the TIB_DataSource.DisableInterface
From a (old) help file:
Method to cache up any state and datachange notifications.
Similar to DisableControls but calling this only disables user
interface controls.

So it's not an IBO bug, just something that can fool everyone coming
from Borland VCL components.
Best regards
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Salvatore Besso" <s.besso@m...> wrote:
> hello Lucas,
> ok for notifications disabled, but I think that notifications
pertain only to
> data-aware controls and its purpose is to temporarily disable them
to prevent
> flickering, but it shouldn't break master-detail relationship. OTHW,
I always
> use DisableControls with success traversing tables without
> relationship, so I expect that it works the same way also with M-D
> Regards
> Salvatore