Subject RE: [IBO] Store an Restore a file from a BLOB field
Author Jason Wharton
No utility required. Just use the Assign() and AssignTo() methods of the
fields and make use of either TFileStream or TMemoryStream as needed. This
is more of a Delphi question really.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Store an Restore a file from a BLOB field
> Hello to all!
> May be this is not a new question here, but yes a new matter to me.
> I need to store some files INSIDE a firebird database (in a
> BLOB file).
> I think is the best way, due to a GREAT numer of not much big files I
> need. Now I store they in a diretory, but a diretory with dozens of
> thousands files is dangerous, slow and prefer to get a new way.
> Some idea to stream the file to a BLOB field and restore them?
> Some utility already designed for IBO?
> Tks for anyone revelation.
> Alejandro