Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IB_ComboBox - csDropDownList: setting the width of the dropdown list.
Author Daniel Rail

At January 17, 2005, 06:48, Adrian Wreyford wrote:

> No I hoped I was clear enough.

> The IB_comboBox.width := 85

> := csDropDownList

> Now .. I need the dropdownlists width to be eg. 155.

> I this now clear?

Now, that's very clear. I just had the time to do a little research.

TIB_ComboBox is a descendant of Delphi's TCustomComboBox, and what you
are seeing is TCustomComboBox's behavior. And, it can't be changed.
You might have to create your own combo box to accommodate your needs,
or create an IBO native descendant of a combo box that already
supports what you are looking for(Raize, TMS and JEDI's JVCL have such
combo boxes, and maybe do a search on Torry's and/or other Delphi site
for other such components).

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