Subject Re: [IBO] "News" access to postings back to 2000?
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:32 AM 18/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>I have questions which may have been answered in the past, especially
>since I am just starting with IB_Objects and Firebird. I rely upon
>my newsreader to download messages so I can scavenge through them
>before making a post. It appears the news mirror of the Yahoo group
>goes back only about a year.

Actually, it goes back to c.2001 or late 2000. I can't get at them with
Xana News, because you can't request msgs by date or number with that client.

>Is there a way to get all (or many more of) the postings of this
>group into my newsreader (or other offline reader) so I can more
>easily search through them and answers and not be doomed to repeating
>what may have already been addressed in past years?

Of course, you can always to the actual archive in the Messages area of the
list itself and put search criteria in to filter them down. That archive
goes right back to when we started using yahoogroups in 2000, so it's more
than 4 years' worth. (Previous to that, our archive was destroyed by a
Person with Malicious Intent).

Also, up till about a year ago, I was picking the bones from the list
messages and loading the questions and answers into a database. That's the
back-end of our online FAQ and it's still the most likely place to get
answers to the most often-asked questions.