Subject Re: [IBO] Question about renaming fbembed.dll
Author Daniel Rail

At January 16, 2005, 20:12, Peter M. Jagielski wrote:

> Thanks Helen! I know the frustration of repeatedly answering the same
> question over and over. However, I did first search the newsgroup for
> "fbembed" and found nothing.

If you searched on, then it's possible that you didn't
find much reference, but there are some("fbembed" is in the body of
the message not the subject). On Yahoo Groups itself, I found some
messages dated around March 29, 2004 that deals with the exact same
subject. When I do a synchronize all with Outlook Express with, I only get approx. 1,000 messages, yet there's
approx. 34,300 messages on Yahoo Groups(for the IB Objects group).

And, Helen is probably also talking about the numerous times someone
asked if fbclient.dll can be renamed to gds32.dll, and not cause any
problems. Also, the question has been asked quite a few times in the
firebird-support group.

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