Subject TIB_DSQL
Author Ryan Thomas

We are using the new IB 4.5 components and have come across this with
our project.

What it does is iterate over an xml document and insert or update the
database with the data received.

Some of the data that comes down is to be inserted into a table with 81
columns (they are all parameters to the sql statement), when Prepare is
called on the DSQL the memory usage in Windows jumps by about 25 - 30 Mb
and is only released termination of the application. This is a major
problem as the xml document can sometimes contain as many as 9000
elements, I have processed up to about 90 elements until the systems
became totally unusable, using ~1.5Gb of memory.

Has anyone seen this before, or is there something obvious that I'm
missing here, I have tried calling Free on the component, deleting and
re-creating it each iteration and unpreparing it, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance,

Ryan Thomas
TransActive Systems

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