Subject Re: [IBO] Performance problem with IB_Datapump
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:52 PM 12/01/2005 +1300, you wrote:

>Hi All
>We are noticing a major performance problem when using the Ib_Datapump
>component. On some machines this is taking an extreme amount of time to
>complete (hours) but on others the performance is as expected.
>Example results
>86MB Database (note that all tables are pumped than further processing
>occurs, the extra processing takes the expected amount of time on all
>Machine Time
>AMD Athalon XP 2400+
>512MB Ram 17minutes
>AMD Athalon 64 3000+
>1GB Ram 12minutes
>P4 3000
>768MB Ram 12hrs
>Dual CPU Xenon 3000 (?)
>1 GB Ram (perhaps more) 48hrs
>The common theme appears to be p4 CPUs causing problems. The P4 3000
>does not have hyperthreading enabled (I will check this further) so
>probably the issue is not related to this. The Pump is using Ib-Cursors
>for source and Dest and is contained in its own transaction for each
>table. The performance lag occurs during the Ib_Datapump.execute method.
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What database engine are you using? If Firebird 1 you'll need to set the
cpu_affinity parameter to 1 in ibconfig. If it's Interbase, you'll have to
run the server as an application and use the ib_affinity tool (downloadable
from the Community page of the IBO website) to set the CPU affinity.

With Fb 1.5, CPU affinity defaults to 1 but you could check the CPUAffinity
parameter in firebird.conf to make sure...perhaps even uncomment the
default setting to make double-triple sure.