Subject Re: [IBO] FB embedded or not
Author Woody
From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>
> There is (by design) no distinction made at the API level. It's the
> that decides which server engine it's going to connect to. The embedded
> library can be a client to *any* running server except a fully installed
> server that is running on the same machine. The client requests a
> connection to a server engine and, if a connection is allowed, it is
> made. End of story.


I have IB 6.0.2 and FB 1.5 SS running on my machine. I also use the
embedded for one application. The application has the ability to switch to
the (FB) server instead of embedded to allow sharing. So far, everything is
working fine. Are you saying that I shouldn't be able to connect from my
application to the server on the same machine? Or, is there some other
reason like possible corruption as in the case of the past history with
using local/remote paths at the same time.

(Jason, forgive the obvious FB related question, but it seems fitting to the
thread at the moment.)

Woody (TMW)