Subject Re: [IBO] update when changed
Author bemmel2003

That's the purpose yes. It's a bit more secure from a user-point-of-
view ( multiuser) than performing a key-only update.

If I include name in the keylinks property IBO has some unwanted
behaviour, because if you press refresh IBO will collect records
based on keylinks. If someone changed "name" that record will not be
fetched anymore. So that's not the way I like it.

I solved the problem "the hard way" using my procedure to fill the
EDITSQL propery dynamically creating the complete update statement,
using the information in internaldataset and the
internaldataset.fields.columns[].ismodified method. It took some time
but it works. The advantage is that IBO uses the originalk keylinks
to fetch and delete records, but that a more secure update-statement
is created (in the beforepost-event ) dynamically.

But I think it would be worthwhile for IBO to build this feature as
an option (if not already available). By the use TIBOquery.

by the way ... I like your book.