Subject Re: [IBO] Sweepinterval...
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:52 PM 27/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Excuse me if my question is trivial.
>I'm using an TIBODatabase with the default SweepInterval set to 0.
>does it means that my application will do automatic sweep on the
>database ? or will never do some ?

It will never do an automatic sweep (a setting of 0 disables automatic
sweeping). However, in a well-written IBO application, your database will
never reach the condition where the auto sweep would be triggered, so
manual sweeps must be considered as part of your regular housekeeping, in
order to clean out the stubs of deleted records and release that space back
to the database.

If your applications do not do a lot of deleting, sweeping may not need to
be done very often.

>If I want to force my application to do a Sweep is it possible with
>IBO ? (May be there is a sample in the demos provided with IBO ?)

Sweeping is a low-level operation that is not surfaced to the data access
API. It is run from the gfix utility, which is itself a client program, or
as a Validation Service through the Services API, if you are using an ODS
10 or higher server.

You can write an admin client using the Services API and an IBO connection
object, using the IBOAdmin components of Lorenzo Mengoni.
( There is a TIBOValidationService component in there. If
you need a version for Delphi 5, you can download Mark Pickersgill's
conversion from the Contributed Code page at the main IBO
website. Alternatively, you can write your admin app using the equivalent
components from the IBAdmin service components that are part of IBX.

I don't know of any samples written using TIBOValidationService, but you
could try googling for it (or TIBValidationService: they both work the same).