Subject Re: [IBO] "transaction_has_no_connections"_error
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
So you have one TIB_Query that you are using like this:

Add a SELECT to the TIB_Query

Add a executable procedure to the TIB_Query

Add another SELECT to the TIB_Query

Myself, I never use a TIB_Query for an executable procedure and do not
know whether this should work or not. If I should guess, I think I
would have used one TIB_Cursor for your first select statement, a
TIB_DSQL for your executable procedure and either a TIB_Cursor or a
TIB_Query for your last statement. Why is it that you only want to use
one TIB_Query to do all the work rather than use three separate


--- In, "Filipe Belchior" wrote:
> Jason, i thinked that too, but...
> as i said, the "2 first statements" are executing correctly. Just
> the last statement not executes, and
> i´m not change the "transaction connection assign".
> I´ll verify the transaction component too, thanks.
> > I am using a TIB_Query to various statements.
> >
> > In a procedure, i execute 3 statements with the TIB_Query.
> >
> > the first, a query statement, the second, a execute procedure
> > statement and, the last, a query statement too.
> >
> > all SQL statements are corrects, i tested in a DB adminitrator
> > system. but, in the last statement, when execute IB_Query.Open,
> > occurs "transacton has no connections" exception, only in the
> > last statement.