Subject RE: [IBO] Refreshing in TIB_Query
Author jaguarius2003
Ok let me simplify - when I post a new record, it does not appear in
the dataset. Why? I have to restart my application for it to show up
in the dataset (ergo the "list" in a grid etc).

I added a "refresh" action in the after post event handler to force
the new record to show up, but this causes the dataset to reset to
the first record - and the refresh type is set to raKeepRowNum.

This is not likely a bug I have a few dozen datasets and they all to
the same thing, so I assume I am just missing something. I just want
the last posted record to show up in the dataset right after post, and
preferably as the focused record of the dataset.


Jason S. Gagnon

>When you say "the list" what do you mean?
>IBO has mechanisms designed to make this stuff very efficient.
>You might want to take a look at the RefreshAction property so that
>when you
>do a refresh you will get the kind of behavior you want.

>Jason Wharton

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>Subject: [IBO] Refreshing in TIB_Query

>Hi all,

>I have a question about refreshing. I am using TIB_Queries and
>TIB_Connection. I am not using cached updates, I just want a record to
>immediately post to the db.