Subject Re: [IBO] Difference between IBODatabase and IB_Connection
Author Daniel Rail

At September 14, 2004, 07:30, Vincenzo Scarpellino wrote:

> I am converting a BDE Application and I am using IB_Connection
> with IBOQuery and I'd like know difference between IBODatabase and
> IB_Connection and which of two connection is best from my
> application with TDataset components.

Just to add to Helen's wonderful explanation.

If you're already using IB_Connection, stick with it, since it will
become useful as you might use some IBO native components later on,
i.e.: use TIB_Cursor if you only need to read data from a query that
is not linked to a data-aware component, since TIB_Cursor is faster.

One piece of advice(just in case you didn't know already and for any
newbie to client/server database programming), don't set the default
transaction property in TIB_Connection. This will give you more
freedom to use more transaction components for the different sections
of your application and to help in keeping the transactions shortest
as possible. Otherwise you might have a transaction that could stay
open as long as the connection is opened. Unless, you would be
performing a hard commit on a regular basis(not commit-retaining,
which is used when AutoCommit is set to True). It's just the longer
the transaction stays open, you might start to notice a performance
degradation on the server.

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