Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with incremental searching
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:10 AM 11/09/2004 +0200, you wrote:

>hello all,
>IBO 4.3Aa and Delphi 7.1 Pro.
>I'm trying to implement incremental searching into some TIB_LookupCombo's but
>I'm facing some problems.
>I want to have incremental search into a lookup query. Suppose that the main
>query (on table ANAGRAPHICS) is connected to an anagraphic table and the
>query (on table PROVINCES) shows the abbreviations of the provinces and the
>relevant field name in this table is SHORT_NAME. Take this short list of
>provinces as an example:
>First of all I have defined these properties in the lookup query connected to
>OrderingItemsNo = 1
>OrderingLinks = SHORT_NAME=ITEM=1
>The TIB_LookupCombo connected to this table has:
>SearchKeyByKey = True
>SeekNearest = False
>Suppose that I want to locate RE. The lookup combo is actually empty (nothing
>selected yet). I start to type:
>and what appears in the lookup combo is
>where RA has a blue background and the R letter that I typed as a green
>background (I'm in insert mode). There is a space between R and RA.
>I continue to type the letter E and what I observe in the combo is
>with the same colours and space described above. Useless to say that at this
>point nothing useful has been selected from the PROVINCES table and the
>only way
>to get rid of this is to repeatedly press backspace to eliminate what I have
>typed, until only RA remains in the lookup combo, but it's not what I
>wanted to
>select. Furthermore, activating incremental search for the lookup combo has
>revealed another collateral effect. If I drop down the list after having tried
>with incremental search and something is shown in the combo, I am no
>longer able
>to select anything in the list. Even if I click on a different province in the
>drop down list the new selection is not enforced and RA remains displayied. If
>the lookup combo is empty I can select an item from the drop down list,
>but then
>no further selections are possible. If I remove all ordering... properties
>the query the drop down list starts to work again.
>What am I missing?

Hmmm...paste the relevant part of the dfm file so we can see what the
properties are. Also paste the SQL property of the keysource dataset.