Subject RE: [IBO] query completion question
Author Jason Wharton
The data is not necessarily committed after a post or a stored procedure
executes. If you are querying in the same transaction context then it
doesn't matter if it is committed or not since within a transaction you see
whatever changes have been posted/executed on the server. It only becomes
an issue of importance when you want another transaction to reflect the
changes that are being performed.

There isn't a property to wait on. Once the update has been posted all
queries in the same transaction context will reflect the result of the
changes on the server. This doesn't mean the buffered information in
queries on the client will be magically updated either. You have to use
DMLCaching (dumb name for it BTW) in order to have your buffers impacted as
well. Most people just refresh their queries as needed.

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] query completion question


I have a mix of TIB_Queries and TIB_Stored procedures.
My questions are

1/ After a has the data actually been commited in the
database ? if not what property do I wait on.

2/ For a TIB_Stored procedure basically the same question after the
stored procedure has been executed can I access the data on the next
code line or is there a property to wait on ?

I am am not using and external TTransaction but there is only ever a
single user and one application changine data in the database.