Subject Re: [IBO] Communication IBO / Firebird 1.5 in lan
Author Carlos H. Cantu
He already did that... I answered it in FireBase list...
probably he has WinXP with activated Firewall blocking port 3050.

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AJ> Juarez A. Mendes wrote:
>> Hi personal. I have the following problem using IBO in net doesn't
>> get to connect Firebird 1.5 in other stations, that only happens in
>> a net in matter, in other nets I already tested and it usually
>> connects, EMS QuickDesk doesn't get to connect the database. All
>> machines possess Windows installed XP and a net that shares a
>> connection ADSL among them. Incapacitating the sharing ADSL that is
>> done by the own windows XP, the database usually connects. Could
>> anybody help myself, did they already go by that?

AJ> I think you will get a better answer if you posted to the Firebird support
AJ> group, or one of the Brazilian/Portuguese Firebird groups - you migth even
AJ> write in your own language.

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AJ> Aage J.