Subject Re: [IBO] Dataset refresh
Author Robert martin
Hi Alan

Its not a commit or transaction issue as I am using IBO (as opposed to IB_) components to speed conversion (it is a very large app). Just now I was in the invoice screen, opened the client management screen and added a new client, went back to the invoice screen and selected the client from a combo. This works great, however if I do the same with item price (and likely other areas), when I add the item to the invoice it does not show. Perhaps the Combos are doing a refresh before they locate?

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From: Alan McDonald
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 4:40 PM
Subject: RE: [IBO] Dataset refresh

> Hi All
> We have an application that has multiple screens open
> simultaneously. It has an invoice screen. If someone alters the
> price of an item using another screen while the invoice screen is
> open, the screen does not pick up the changes until closed and
> reopened. This is happening in a variety of places. Previously
> the application was Dbase / BDE and this was all handled for us.
> I know I could do refreshes in specific places but the code is
> large and we would surely miss some / cause other problems / slow
> performance. Is there a good / better way to simulate the old
> BDE behaviour? Am I missing something?
> Rob Martin
> Software Engineer

I don't suppose you mean close and reopen the screen where the edits have
been done?
If so then maybe you don't know about commit? - maybe you are only commit
retaining? your edits?
am I on the right track?

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