Subject RE: [IBO] Can IBO Objects use fbclient.dll and not GDS32.dll
Author Craig Stevens
Thankyou Helen,

I also recieved your book today, look forward to utilizing it..


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Can IBO Objects use fbclient.dll and not GDS32.dll

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>Would like to know the following information.
>Will IBObjects components happily use fbclient.dll to connect to firebird
>Databases ?
>How does one do this if possible ?

Sure, several ways.

First, copy fbclient.dll to the system dir (or to the application's directory)

1. Easiest is to rename it as gds32.dll (after renaming or moving any
gds32.dll that is there already)
`` or ``
2. In ib_constants, change the first variable defined in that unit, viz.
IB_GDS32: string = 'gds32.dll';
IB_GDS32: string = 'fbclient.dll';

`` or ``
3. Make a dedicated unit where you can specifiy it. See the unit
ib_session511.pas, that you can use as a model. Once this unit is renamed
e.g. as ib_sessionFB, and edited to suit, add to your projects and modify
the DPR file so that your "ib_sessionFB" unit is the first in the project's
uses clause.


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