Subject Re: [IBO] IB Objects and an old version of Firebird?
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:13 AM 4/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I have a small app with just a few cursors and DSQL statements run
>from IB Objects. My user has other applications, not under my control,
>that are running against an old version of Firebird (pre-version 1).
>At first the app complained that it was missing GDS32.dll. I added it
>and it complained it couldn't find the passwords table. Next, I
>substituted an older version of GDS32.DLL and now the app won't even
>What do I need to run the latest IB Objects version against an old
>version of Firebird?

Nothing special. All IBO (by default) needs to find is the gds32.dll
client located in the system directory of the client machine, or in the
application directory. In the latter case, you will encounter
insurmountable problems if another application has already loaded a
different version of gds32.dll.

You should use the version of gds32.dll that is distributed with the server
version you are running.

If it couldn't find the passwords table then there is a variety of

1) the client is trying to attach locally to a server, but no server is
installed locally.
2) Similarly, the application may be trying to attach to a host machine
where the server is not installed.
3) isc4.gdb has been deleted from the server, or moved somewhere else
(clients don't look for the security database; so you are connnecting to
some server, but it isn't properly installed).

..and others...

fwiw, the only thing about the latest IBO that's different to earlier IBO
versions is that it is now "aware" that it needs to know if it is attaching
to a Firebird 1.5 server, in order to adjust its handling of parameter
ordering. It performs a special query at connection time to determine
this. A beta version of Firebird 1.0 (or any version of Firebird 1.0 or
InterBase) isn't affected by this. In any case, your problem is that your
application can't find the client; or it's finding a client that can't
find the server.

There's quite a lot here that you're not mentioning...