Subject RE: [IBO] Blob not found
Author Jason Wharton
He problem could be due to improper or missing keylinks.

Jason Wharton

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From: Christian G├╝tter [mailto:news@...]
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2004 9:36 AM
Subject: [IBO] Blob not found


one of my users has encountered the error "Blob not found" while
inserting/updating a record. I am wondering what this could mean
as I did not find anything useful about this errors in the docs
and in my list archives.

I would be very glad if someone could shed some light on this.
I have attached the exact error message and the callstack.



exception class : EIB_ISCError
exception message : ISC Error:335544382ISC Error:BLOB not found.

main thread ($53c):
0052540c Omega2.exe IB_Session 1147 TIB_SessionBase.HandleException
004ef225 Omega2.exe IB_Components 23418 TIB_Statement.API_Execute
0050dd06 Omega2.exe IB_Components 32015 TIB_UpdateSQL.SQL_Edit
004f979c Omega2.exe IB_Components 27773 TIB_Dataset.SQL_EditRow
005068a6 Omega2.exe IB_Components 32015 TIB_BDataset.SQL_EditRow
004f9666 Omega2.exe IB_Components 27710 TIB_Dataset.SysEditCursorRow
005065d6 Omega2.exe IB_Components 32015 TIB_BDataset.SysEditCursorRow
004fd59a Omega2.exe IB_Components 29477 TIB_Dataset.SysPostEditedRow
00506496 Omega2.exe IB_Components 32015 TIB_BDataset.SysPostEditedRow
004fafa9 Omega2.exe IB_Components 28424 TIB_Dataset.CheckOperation
004fd150 Omega2.exe IB_Components 29346 TIB_Dataset.SysExecPost
005024cb Omega2.exe IB_Components 31627 TIB_BDataset.SysExecPost
004fcf5c Omega2.exe IB_Components 29295 TIB_Dataset.SysPost
00502354 Omega2.exe IB_Components 31589 TIB_BDataset.SysPost
004fb06a Omega2.exe IB_Components 28447 TIB_Dataset.Post
0056dddd Omega2.exe IB_UpdateBar 694 TIB_UpdateBar.BtnClick
0056dea0 Omega2.exe IB_UpdateBar 718 TIB_UpdateBar.BarClick
00477a70 Omega2.exe Controls TControl.Click
0049b370 Omega2.exe Buttons TSpeedButton.Click