Subject Re: [IBO] statement Union in a TIBO_Query
Author Lester Caine
Vahan Yoghoudjian wrote:

> Yes I have codes in the client table longer than 4 characters, as for the
> NAME fields they have the same size but I tried with fields of different
> size and I had no problem, I guess having this problem on the CODE fields is
> because both fields are the primary keys in their tables. Ideally what I
> should do is to convert the CODE field in operators table to char(8) same as
> the CODE in Clients, but then I have to change my coding policy for
> operators in my application.
> What kind of errors do you expect for varchar to give later on?

Maybe none - there has been some work in changing this, but I think that
it's not compliant with SQL99 if the field sizes are different.
There is no problem just making both VARCHAR(8) even if your application
limits one to 4 characters. Swings and roundabouts on CHAR(8), it would
save the two size bytes, but adds the rest of the white space as bytes

Lester Caine
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