Subject Re: [IBO] IB Data Pump and MS Access
Author homerjones1941
--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...> wrote:
what I found is that it's
> the connection with MS Access via ADO that slows down the process.
> there would be a better/faster way to import data from an MS Access
> DB, I'd probably be using it, unless I didn't hear about it.
> --

If it weren't for the need to alter data during the port I would try
something like Helen's suggestion. Doing this via SQL would be much

I may investigate using Topaz as an intermediate file. Topaz has a
Peek method that allows you to blast through records. Much faster
than Access. I suppose I could export the Access tables to dBase if
it was fast, and then use Topaz to read them rather than Access.

Does anyone know if FB can read dBase files as external tables?