Subject Re: [IBO] IB Data Pump and MS Access
Author Daniel Rail

At August 28, 2004, 04:43, homerjones1941 wrote:

> Thanks for suggesting some alternatives. Unfortunately, the Access
> database has Blob fields in many of the tables. Also, it is part of
> a commercial app and is installed in hundreds of locations scattered
> all over the US. The data pumping needs to be be pretty invisible to
> the end user.

I know what you mean.

> I was hoping to find something more direct than making intermediate
> tables. I am now toying with reading records from the Access tables
> via ADO, and then writing them into FB. I've done this kind of thing
> before, and one record at a time is painfully slow.

Unfortunately, any datapump component will do the import one record at
a time. And, yes it's going to be slow, but what I found is that it's
the connection with MS Access via ADO that slows down the process. If
there would be a better/faster way to import data from an MS Access
DB, I'd probably be using it, unless I didn't hear about it.

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