Subject Re: [IBO] Strange Transaction behaviour
Author Mark Pickersgill
Hi Helen,

I finally got some time to look at this problem again, and after
hammering away at it and re-reading the emails, I finally found the problem!

My original question/problem was that when I had two transactions, one
for the editing of a record and the other to dynamically lock a row in
one table. When the second transaction was rolled back it appeared to
roll back the first transaction.

HOWEVER, in the first transaction's OnBeforeRollback, I had some
*stupid* code (I have no idea of it's originally purpose ever), that
simply closed the current query for editing a record. Coupled with the
fact that a copy and paste of the first transaction to create the second
transaction caused the OnBeforeRollback event to still be assigned to
the same method meant that when the second transaction was rolled back,
it appeared in code and on the screen as if the transaction had been
rolledback and all queries closed!

Ahhhh! So for anyone reading this, and who's having a problem of some
sort, go to bed and come back tomorrow and look for the completely
obvious solution.

Thanks again Helen for the replies. I'm sure if we had of continued the
discussion we would have ended up debating some interesting but non-the
less off the topic items :).