Subject Re: [IBO] QReport & IBObjects
Author moczaz
Hello Dmitry,

--- In, "Dmitry Beloshistov" <torin@s...>
> m> I tried FreeReport but I bumped into the same problem.
> Please open file (FreeReport source). Uncomment line
> into save changes and recompile FreeReport. And...oops! IBO
> components now supported by FreeReport ! ;)
> m> (I guess, most of you are using ReportBuilder, but I need
free tool.)

Thanks. I was looking for this answer. :)

But I still have a problem when recompiling FreeReport. It needs a
package I don't have: IBO_D6. I only have IBObjects Evaluation Kit
and Delphi6 DCU Pack. I guess I need IBO sources to recompile
FreeReport with IBO support, or am I missing something else?

Thanks a lot.