Subject Re: [IBO] How to add Tfields persisntents with a TIBOquery in run-time?
Author Daniel Albuschat
On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 03:08:34PM -0300, Delmar Wichnieski wrote:
> I can't get sucessful trying to add persistents fields in run-time (not with fields editor).
> I'm tried this code:
> MyIBOquery.FieldDefs.Add('CODIGO',FTinteger,0,true);
> but in subsequent lines like this :
> nprincipal.Memo1.Lines.Add(QrecepcaoAvisosPCconcluidoCODIGO.AsString);
> message error: Access violation at address 005F0983 in module myproject.exe
> in this:
> qrecepcaoAvisosPCconcluido.FieldByName('CODIGO').OnGetText:=QrecepcaoAvisosPCconcluidoCODIGOgettext;
> Project projeto.exe raise exception class EDatabaseError with message 'field 'CODIGO' not found'.
> Any comment will be very appreciated.

Your variable names are *far* too long. ;-)

But anyways, why don't you use a calculated field?
Simply do

YourQuery.CaluclatedFields.Add( "CODIGO Integer" );

And in OnCalculateField (of YourQuery):

if( AField.FieldName = "CODIGO" ) then
Assign your data, e.g. AField.AsString := "Test";

Daniel Albuschat

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