Subject Re: [IBO] Problem-DSQL-with-singleton-select
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:47 AM 17/08/2004 -0300, you wrote:

>And, I also agree that this should be documented in IBO's help.

It is. For TIB_DSQL:

"This component is used for all InterBase DSQL statements that do not
involve the handling of multiple rows of output data.
"It is ideal for executing a stored procedure, doing a large batch of
record inserts, executing DDL or DML statements, etc.

Also, click the Hierarchy button for TIB_DSQL and you will see that it is
not a dataset component. It is a straight implementation of TIB_Statement,
so it has Params[] (to enter input parameters) and Fields[] (to receive a
singleton set of output parameters).

The rule with TIB_DSQL is that you must be able to call Execute on its SQL
statement. SELECT statements are implemented via the dataset classes.