Subject Re: how to trace a row fetch dialogue problem
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Peter!

At the time of writing, I am waiting for my other computer to finish a
heavy query I started using IB_SQL. It started displaying "your"
dialog box at row 60.

The "Fetching Query Results" typically shows when executing heavy
queries. I've never wanted to turn it off myself, but I guess you
could by setting appropriate values of the Callback... properties of
the cursor/query.

As for discovering where this happens, I guess you could log the name
of the query (or cursor) and the time before execution starts as well
as after it finishes. The query you are looking for, is a
timeconsuming query. The reason you cannot replicate it, is probably
because you've either got a better machine than your customers, or
because you have smaller databases for testing.


--- In, "Peter Chaisty" wrote:
> Hi
> I am still having a problem with a dialogue popping up...
> Fetching Query Results Row #10 - then an abort button.
> For some reason it is always row #10.
> I am pretty sure it's something i'm doing but I don't even know
> which query has the problem.
> Is there anything I can do to log this when it happens and identifiy
> the source or better still trap it as an event ?
> The problem I have is that I cannot replicate it on any of my
> machines but it does happen on 3 out of 12 customer test sites.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Rgds
> Peter