Subject Re: [IBO] Problem-DSQL-with-singleton-select
Author Daniel Rail

At August 17, 2004, 06:57, Mihai Chezan wrote:

> Hi,

> If I use a TIB_DSQL and an sql that returns an empty result set I get
> this error when I execute the dsql:
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544374
> attempt to fetch past the last record in a record stream

> If the select return 1 record then it works.
> Is this a bug?

No, it's not a bug. A singleton select only means one row, and don't
try to check for more. And, TIB_DSQL is not meant to be used for
multiple-row result-sets. TIB_DSQL should only be used for singleton
selects, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE and DDL statements. If you try to
execute a multiple-row SELECT in TIB_DSQL, you should be getting an
error indicating that you are trying to execute a multiple-row SELECT.

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