Subject Re: FTS
Author Aage Johansen
Helen Borrie wrote:

>> ...
>>The first problem was in "Defining search indexes".
>>1. Whatever I selected from the "Table.Key Column", "Search column" shows
>>only fields from the _first_ table (alphabetically).
> Begin by entering a name for the index in the editbox at the left. Then
> choose table.primary_key. You should see one item in the dropdown for each
> table in the database (just compiled it here with v.4.3b).

But (after you chose the table.primary_key) could you see fields for the
table you chose? Or, just the same fields whichever "table.primary_key"
you selected.
Also, the length of the "name for the index" was severly limited (about 10

>>2. The "Auxiliary" column seems to be mandatory, even though the help
>>states it is optional.
> It does seem so now. The FTS Help was written for a very early version of
> the demo. I don't know why it should be, but possibly Jason has
> implemented a mandatory case-insensitive search in this version of the demo.

Still, I don't really see what I should use this for (it may dawn upon me
later, though).
Maybe I should just specify the shortest field, or the PK.

I've been using a form of homebrew FTS for some years, and wondered whether
I should convert to the IBO version. Maybe I should wait a bit.

Aage J.