Subject Re: [IBO] Trustware licence
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:56 AM 13/08/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>What are IBO's feature/

All features are in the eval version; a free Trustware subscription can be
requested for charity and self-training purposes; paid subscribers are
allowed to produce commercial software and/or software for company in-house
use forever, using components to which their subscription applies; free
access to updates lasts as long as the subscription remains current. The
first subscription costs approximately twice as much as a renewal.


A subscription applies to the *person* to whom it was issued. Site
licences are available to companies and can be distributed to employees up
to the licence user limit. When employees leave, they don't take their
usage and update rights with them.

>time restrictions/

evaluation, until you have finished evaluating - as long as it
takes. Subscriptions, both free and paid, are for one year.


Apps built with the eval kits show a nag screen if run outside the IDE.

>under the Evaluation Licence compared to the Registered
>and Free Licencing ?

Free subscriptions can only be used for the purpose they were issued for.

The exception is a free subscription that Jason will sometimes issue to a
person who makes a recognised contribution to the IBO code, documentation
or demos. Then, the free subscription can be treated just like a paid
subscription and be used commercially.

If you are given access to the full sources or special "no-nag" binaries
for some special reason, that is NOT a free licence or a free extension of
a low-end or any other subscription, expired or not. It's an accommodation
of your need not to be held up by lack of the software you believe you need
for evaluating IBO. You'll get an email message with the link, explaining
what your usage rights are.

Policing? there is none. It's Trustware. That means users are expected
to abide by the Trustware rules.

I hope that answers the question. You can get more detail by following the
Trustware link on the main website (