Subject Re: [IBO] gds32.dll stack problems
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:19 AM 11/08/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Helen
>I havn't trimmed the message as someone else may find it useful and I
>thought it would be good to close the thread.
>My customer has copied and renamed fblient.dll to gds32.dll and into
>his windows/system directory so far this works.
>I am about to give him the following instructions ( My app is the only
>firbird app on his machines)
>1/ Uninstall Firebird 1.5.0 xxxx
>2/ Search for and delete all gds32.dll 's found
>3/ Install Firbird 1.5.1 - checking the boxes for copy the client
>library to <system> dir.
>4/ Check generate client library as gds32.dll for legacy app support.
>This should cover all eventualities of apples , oranges and also the
>pear factor.

Almost. Get them also to
1) reboot the system after the cleanout but before installing 1.5.1. This
ensures that there is no gds32.dll still loaded in memory.
2) after the 1.5.1 install, still check that the generated gds32.dll gets
copied into the system dir from the <firebirdroot>\bin dir. The scripts
don't always complete that step.