Subject RE: [IBO] CustomGlyphs with 16x16 Icons
Author Jason Wharton
I believe you are limited with respect to the size of the glyphs.
What you can possibly do is update the actual resource file of IBO with the
glyphs that you want.

Jason Wharton

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From: Daniel Albuschat [mailto:daniel@...]
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 1:13 AM
Subject: [IBO] CustomGlyphs with 16x16 Icons


Is it possible to provide 16x16 icons to IB_Bars?
I tried to apply custom glyphs to my updatebar, but it
didn't work at all. Then I saw that the original Icons
where 28x13 in the resource file... so perhaps it didn't
work because I used a 16x16 ImageList. But anyways,
I need these 16x16 images, so is there a way to
apply these to an updatebar?

And btw, I think the documentation should be a bit
more verbose on this topic...

Daniel Albuschat