Subject RE: [IBO] Cursor unknown error -504
Author Alan McDonald
> Under the hood, the application is asking to do something to a row WHERE
> CURRENT OF a certain unique key. If the only unique key in your
> set, known
> to the client and the server, is the DB_KEY, then the cursor pointer will
> only be valid if the same record can be found by locating the db_key that
> the application thinks it has. Remember, the db_key refers to a spatial
> relative location, it's not a data key. It won't be found at
> that location
> if someone (including your user) updated the record and the new record
> version has been written to a different relative location; or if someone
> deleted the record.

I'm sure we've spoken before on the subject of db_key... I can't for the
life of me work out under what circumstances, in a multi-user environment,
it would be a reliable thing to do to use the db_key in this fashion.
I know IBO is trying to add some brains to the setup by using it where a
developer has not adequately assigned the PK as a means of properly locating
the record but I'm not convinced that you are doing anyone any real favours
by trying to use it when there is such a danger of it not finding the