Subject RE: [IBO] Cursor unknown error -504
Author Alan McDonald
> It can/should be expected to. It's "static" in the sense that it is
> constructed on the basis of the row's physical location relative to other
> rows on a page belonging to that table. It is likely to change
> if the row
> gets updated, so it shouldn't be relied on outside the
> transaction context
> that it's queried. A new recversion that's been written to a different
> page and/or offset wouldn't be found by the db_key.

Doesn't this answer the question? If you are somehow letting the query use
the db_key, and you do not use auto commit, there is likley to be a problem.
This error will only appear when the rec version moves to another page, and
thus the "random" error. You can update over and over, but it may move only
after perhaps someone else has saved to the same page, and your update, even
though nothing has changed, is forced to move to another page. ?? Am I
thinking straight?