Subject RE: [IBO] Cursor unknown error -504
Author Alan McDonald
> Transaction.Refresh (True) actually tries to commit all pending work and
> close all open datasets. An "open" dataset is one that the application
> thinks is active. I'd expect a Cursor Unknown error to happen where the
> connection had been lost while a dataset was in the state of
> having posted
> changes but not committed; or where the dataset itself was in Modified
> state but the changes hadn't been posted. Transaction.Refresh
> (True) isn't
> going to succeed on an idle machine if there is an exception, in
> any case,
> since there's no fallback for rolling back in case commit fails, as there
> is with Transaction.Close.

Another thought...
if IBO is using DB_Key instead of the PK... in whatever circumstances..
Now whe is the DB_Key invalidated?
Doesn't it lose validity across transaction boundaries?